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On The Air Sickled exists to bring forth coverage of the daily struggles of the Sickle Cell Warrior and their families outside of their world into the outside world to bring education, awareness, and sustainable change. We also have a variety of professionals who dedicate their time to volunteering and answering questions the Warriors and their families may have about navigating SCD in the work place, fitness, nutrition, stress management and much more.



Otmar Donald
Executive Director, Host
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Otmar "OD" Donald is a Sickle Cell Warrior, Motivational Speaker, Activities Professional and Minister who has a heart for people. As a medical professional in Geriatric care, he has seen similarities in the treatment of residents and those with sickle cell. Feeling unheard, undervalued, a burden, and sometimes downright disrespected. Otmar's passion is to give a voice to the underserved and mistreated. Otmar is a certified Life Coach and Activities Consultant in Geriatric Care utilizes his training by adapting his approach to encouraging others in hard seasons. He not only wants to share his own testimony with the world but get other stories out there to help change some of the myths, distasteful perceptions, and stigmas the World may place on the Sickle Cell Warrior and their families. He goes beyond himself to bring awareness things that people may feel embarrassed to speak on or frustrated by the medical community. Otmar is a world changer by nature and wants to make sustainable change in a community he knows best.

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