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Becoming a partner of On The Air Sickled makes connecting ideas, projects, supportive efforts, and change a reality. Our partners help carry the vision to Air the Good. The Bad. The Ugly. In the name of Awareness and Advocacy.

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Sickle Cell Medical Advocacy (SCMA) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization established in August 2021.The mission of this organization is to navigate transformative healthcare for Sickle Cell Patients inaccordance with national guidelines resulting in urgent medical intervention and shorterhospitalizations. SCMA offers courses to nationally certify Healthcare Navigators to support patients during the emergency room and hospital stay. If you need a Healthcare Navigator to support you during your stay, or wish to become one, contact SCMA at today.

Pamoja Rooted offers a "Whole- in- One Approach to Nutrition and Care specifically for Sickle Cell patients. Pamoja Rooted focuses on Functional and Holistic Nutrition Care while providing nutrition therapy, coaching and consultation. Their specialties include Sickle Cell Disease support, circulation, brain support, inflammation and nutrition education. For more information on Pamoja Rooted, LLC, visit Pamoja Rooted | Functional and Holistic Nutrition Care (  COMING SOON.

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